Harvesting More Than Crops in Outcome-based Carbon Programs

Hello Eco-Champions! Get ready for a revolutionary approach to farming with AgriCircle’s Carbon Programs. Whether you’re a farmer, a large retailer, or a food company, join us in creating a greener, more sustainable future.

Your farm not only produces healthy crops but also captures carbon from the air. It’s not just about farming, it’s about making every acre count. Join the carbon farming movement and earn rewards for the positive impact you’re making on the planet.

Carbon Programs for Farmers

Farmers, this is your chance to shine. With SmartRegenAg, your farm isn’t just a food producer; it’s a carbon-sequestration superhero. Earn carbon credits for the carbon you capture and sell them on the market. It’s not just good for the planet; it’s good for your pocket, too.

Carbon Programs for Large Retailers

Large retailers and food companies, this is your opportunity to lead the change. Partner with AgriCircle to create your carbon programs. Invest in a sustainable future by supporting farmers in their regenerative journey. Offset your carbon footprint and be a driving force for positive change. Show your commitment to sustainability and build a supply chain that’s good for business and the planet.

Precision Soil Mapping

But there’s more to the story. Precision Mapping, our farming superhero sidekick, creates detailed maps of your soil properties using our AI-based models with ground measurement support, approved by the scientific community. It’s like having an X-ray vision of your farm. Wondering where to plant what, how much fertilizer to use, or how to adapt to climate change? Precision Mapping is your guide.

The foundation of our carbon programs

Data-Driven Farming:

Dive into the world of data-driven farming with DORA, our satellite-powered advisor. Get insights beyond your fields—understand in detail where and how to improve to regenerate your farm and to maximize carbon credit generation. 

Regenerative Practices:

Embrace regenerative farming practices guided by DORA. It’s not just about what you grow; it’s about how you grow it. Improve soil health, boost biodiversity, and regenerate your farm for the next generation.

Carbon Credits:

Start earning carbon credits for every positive change you make. The more carbon you protect and capture, the more you earn. It’s like getting paid to enhance your soil and farm!

Discover More

MyFarmIQ provides farmers with a revolutionary toolset, blending satellite observation and high-end algorithms into a non-invasive technique. Gain quick and affordable insights into your farm's biomass productivity.

RegenAg is your go-to for taking your farm from good to extraordinary. DORA, Precision Mapping, and our suite of tools are here to guide you. Let's make your farm a regenerative powerhouse.

Thinking about joining the carbon farming movement?

Smart move! We’re piloting the SmartRegenAg program, helping farmers like you or farmers you advise build a sustainable, regenerative future. Earn rewards for the positive changes that are created on the farm. It’s a win-win.