Nurture your soil

Advanced soil fertilization management customised for your field.

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Soil fertilization is a vital part of every field’s lifecycle. Automating the process and delegating tasks can save you both time and money.

AgriCircle’s new tool lets you quickly organize your fertilization works, while offering expert recommendations and access to latests technologies.

Precise knowledge based on detailed soil analysis will boost your profits and help adjust fertilization processes on your field.


Application maps

Get access to detailed application maps based on chosen products and soil properties. You can rely on our recommendations or modify maps according to your preferences and experience.

Task planner

Plan all essential activities which need to be perfomed on your field both for yourself, and your co-workers. Create, schedule and execute tasks in a few simple steps.

Soil monitoring

Monitor your soil thanks to our soil properties maps. Check its pH, chemical elements levels and much more. See how they change over time and know when to take necessary actions.

Soil-lab integrations

Send soil samples for lab analysis and gain detailed insights about your soil’s condition. Store all results in one place and preview whenever necessary.

Farm management

Manage all elements required for your farm’s undisturbed daily operations: fields, machinery, products, co-workers, etc.

Full history

Get access to the archives and preview full history of previous tasks perfomed on your fields by any of your co-workers.


€3 / mo.

Export for lime application maps.

ISOXML, JD Link, VarioDoc support.

Precision soil sampling.

Manual lab results upload and automated application maps adjustments.

€12 / mo.


Monitoring of soil properties (soil properties maps - pH, N-values).

Potassium / Phosphorus / Magnesium application maps.

Sulphur application map (coming soon).

Soil-lab integration with automated adjustments of application maps.

Precision soil sampling together with feature RGB underlay.

Display feature RGB underlay.